Old Goat Farm is always open to the public the second weekend of the month, April through  October. We also have additional opens in the spring. Our normal hours are 10 am to 5 pm. We are open for garden clubs or other groups by appointment. You can make an appointment by emailing or calling 360-893-1261.

Garden and Nursery Opens:

March 25th/26th Early Spring Open

April 8th/9th

April 22nd/23rd


May 21st One day Only

May 28th -One Day Only

June 10th/11th

June 24th/25th Summer Solstice weekend

July 8th/9th

August 12th/13th

September 9th/10th

October 7th/8th

Christmas Teas:

Dec. 1st-11,2,7

Dec. 2nd – 11,2,7

Dec. 3rd – 11,2

Dec. 6th – 11,2

Dec. 8th – 11,2,7

Dec. 9th – 11,2,7

Dec. 10th – 11,2

Dec. 13th – 11,2

Dec. 15th -11,2,7

Dec. 16th – 11,2,7

Dec. 17th – 11,2

Dec. 20th – 11,2

Dec.21st – 11,2 Solstice event